Sunday, December 27, 2009


Bisexual or curiousity…….A fourth stage sex

Today there are a lot of bisexual here at our country,Its because curiosity takes place some bisexual don’t know what feeling is that because they attract same or both male and female.Why its happened is it normal or abnormality of a person……….I need Ur reaction pls…. cooperate.write Ur blog!

the third sex: there are ten commandments of GOD but don’t u know that it is eleven now"""’U know what is number eleven commandments"""""ITS SAYS THAT RESPECT TO OTHERS VALUES AND LIFE IS GOD’S WELL””DISCRIMINATING TO OTHERS BEHAVIOR AND EMOTIONAL LIFE IS SIN TO THE Eye OF THE CREATOR.

Discriminating is one of the problem at present in third sex community…. why its happend? why is it that gays and lesbian is not acceptable at present? Give ur reaction post ur blog!